Thursday, 8 March 2012

Courthouse Library Makes Available Extensive Online Library

BC Courthouse Library now has an amazingly useful new free service called the Online ReadingRoom. What is it?  Well, if you are BC Lawyer, the ReadingRoom allows you to access, free of charge, from your PC or mobile device, a plethora of content including:

- 127 Irwin Law e-books;
- over 1,500 journals available through HeinOnline (note that the cost of HeinOnline has become prohibitive to many smaller firms);
- English Reports;
- US Legislation; and
- Historical Canadian legislation.

In essence, most electronic resources available at the Courthouse Library can now be accessed from your PC. Apparently, this service has been online since mid-January but, in my experience, has not been given the public attention it deserves.

Without further ado, read more here and sign up for free here.